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Ao Vivo

Funk at 45
Going, Going, Gone
Hack 1
Hard Currency
How Long
If It's Real
A Knife & A Fork
Lay All Your Love on Me
Made to Be Broken
Move Out
Now That I Have You
Over The Sea
Peace & Love, Inc.
Running 1
Running 2
Running 3
Something in the Air
Still Here
Think 1
Think 2
Walking Away 1
Walking Away 2
What's on Your Mind 1
What's on Your Mind 2

Remixes (fãs, botlegs, covers, remixes locais ou oficiais)

A Little Too Clean (Jynx Sterilized Mix)
Closing In (Jynx Justification Remix)
Come With Me 2004 (ViperX Remix)
Empty (Jynx Corrosive Mix)
Express Yourself (Remix)
Hack 1 (Propellerheader Remix)
Hack Away on Your Mind (Botleg)
How Long (Hot Tracks)
How Long (Radio Remix)
How Long 2003 (DJK2 Remix)
Higher (DJ Narez vs InSoc)
Made to Be Broken (Jynx Stereo Truth Instrumental)
Made to Be Broken (Jynx Stereo Truth Vocal)
Million Watts of Love (DJ Bac Remix)
Peace & Love Inc (Effluvia Cover)
Peace & Love Inc (Passion Dub)
Peace & Love Inc (PMX Remix)
Peace & Love Inc (Roadkill Mix)
Peace & Love Inc (Ultimix)
Peace & Love Inc (Hot Tracks Mix)
Pure Energy Think Running (DJ Bac 1999 Mix)
Repetition (Botleg Edit)
Repetition (Rare Edit)
Running (Almadrava Remix)
Running (Botleg Ultra Mix)
Running (Rivaldo Lima Cover)
Running (Dethus Version)
Running (DJ Ebel Remix)
Running (DJ Gasparzinho Funk Remix)
Running (DJ Jynx Hypothetical Remix)
Running (Efect Remix)
Running (Equals The Heaven Cover)
Running (Hot Power Remix)
Running (Louie Devito Edit)
Running (Paul Droid and AzidMan Remix)
Running (Radio Remix)
Running (Rumours Remix)
Running (Special Made Remix)
Running (Ultimix)
Running (Wally Lopez Weekend Remix)
Running (World Champion Battle Edits)
Running (DJ Bac Black Project)
Think (Acapella)
Think (DJ Junior 2000 Remix)
Think (DJ Bac 2002 Freestyle Version)
Think (Gershwin Remix)
Think (Funked Up Electrik Mix)
Think (Ultimix)
To Be Free (PMX Remix)
To The City (Lightly Toasted Remix)
Walking Away (House Dub)
Walking Away (Ultimix)
What's on Your Mind (MP3 Remix)
What's on Your Mind (Techno Factor Instrumental)
What's on Your Mind (Boris and Back Exit Edit)
What's on Your Mind (Boris and Back Exit Mix)
What's on Your Mind (Jynx Rework Mix)
What's on Your Mind (Disco Darwins Discosis Mix)
What's on Your Mind (Discotech Remix Service)
What's on Your Mind (DJ Junior 2001 Remix)
What's on Your Mind (K8T Radical Spectrum Mix)
What's on Your Mind (Elimix Drum and Bass)
What's on Your Mind (Filter Section Remix)
What's on Your Mind (Hot Tracks Mix)
What's on Your Mind (Saeed and Palash Dark Dub)
What's on Your Mind (Sugarpussy Psychic Funk Mix)
What's on Your Mind (ZFS Mix)
What's on Your Mind (Jynx Tribal Mix)
What's on Your Mind (Junior Vasquez 2001 Remix)
What's on Your Mind (ViperX Freestyle Mix)
What's on Your Mind (2004 ViperX and Bac Remix)
What's on Your Mind (2005 ViperX and Arvy Remix)


Art of Mix
Brasil Tour 91
DJ Ebel Valoiis
DJ Ebel e DJ Nando
DJ Fab
DJ Feliphe Ferreira
Henrique Mix
DJ Luciano Oliveira
Hard Disk
DJ K8T Hacker Tack
Shellie Hart

Covers (Kurt)

I Die You Die (Gary Numan)
Controversy (Prince)
Express Yourself (Madonna)
One (U2)
Behind the Wheel (Depeche Mode)


Closing In
Over The Sea

Paul Robb

A Knife & A Fork
Bass State Coma
Hack 2
Jingo Lingo
Kobiyashi Moru
Mentally Dull
No Kiss Kiss
On Beyond Zebra
South Park Theme
That's The Way
The Screen
The Screen (remix)

Brother Sun Sister Moon:

The Great Game


Black Oak
Candle Girl
In Love With Pain
Los Angeles
Moth to The Flame
Song My

InSoc Decent Tournment 95 - Prize Tape

Absolutely Mind Boggling
Balloon Wall
Beware The Glaciers
Fly Like an Eagle
Hooked on Pablum
Show Intro
Der Mussolini
Orthodox Pleasure
Orthodox Pleasure (Live)
Santa Dog
Growing Up With Shiva (Live)
Tender Love
If Only The World Were Nice

Jogos (Kurt)

Scooby Doo
X-Men (várias)
Soul Reaver 1 (várias)
Soul Reaver 2
Soul Reaver 3
Snowblind (várias)
Whiplash (várias)

InSoc Internet Tribute Project

A Little Too Clean - Subliminal
Come With Me - Violence Diary
Dont Be Afraid From Walking Away - Nexxus
Make It Funky - Arvy
Made to Be Broken - Sinergy
1,000,000 Watts of Love - Calvin Band
Repetition - Freddy Hajas feat Isa
Running - Synthethic Conspiracy
Slipping Away - Simon Son'InSoc
Strength - Jynx
Think - The Great Guy
Think - Synthethic Conspiracy
Walking Away (Instrumental) - DeathBoy2000
What's on Your Mind - DJ Junior

Músicas Computadorizadas


Are 'Friends' Electric?
Chemistry 1
Chemistry 2
What's on Your Mind
Cry Baby
Fire Tonight
What's on Your Mind
Move Out
Over The Sea
Slipping Away
Walking Away


InSoc Dream
Peace & Love, Inc.
Peace & Love, Inc.

Outros Artistas (Originais ou Covers)

Lay All Your Love on Me - Abba
Lay All Your Love on Me - Abba Teens
Lay All Your Love on Me - Erasure
Are 'Friends' Electric? - Gary Numan
Express Yourself - Madonna
One - U2
Behind The Wheel - Depeche Mode
Controversy - Prince
I Die; You Die - Gary Numan
Dark Compagnion - Tuxedomoon
Get Up Away From That Thing - James Brown
Do You Miss Me (Running Mix) - Jocelyn Enriquez
What Use - Tuxedomoon
Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band
Fly Like an Eagle - Seal
What's on Your Mind - Insideout

Outras Músicas

On My Way
Sign in Code
14 Angels
Doom's Day
Hit Me
Dark Companion
A Little Too Clean
Make It Funkier
What Use
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Forgotten (Secret Secret)


Cruel Lovin'
Cruel Lovin' (Instrumental)
All You Ever Told Were Lies
All You Ever Told Were Lies (12")

Créditos e Informações

  • Todo material existente aqui não é completo, com propósito exclusivo de divulgação.
  • Os trechos de trinta segundos foram disponilizados com o consentimento da banda

    Créditos e Agradecimentos:

  • MODs & Cia: Youthenasia, Freddy Hajas, KCL, Subliminal e Audio Video Assembly
  • MIDs: Daniel Parise, Brad Weber e Dan Kupka
  • Outros Agradecimentos: DJ Bac, Jynx/K8T, DeathBoy2000, ViperX, Lore, Blake
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