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Burning Bridges

Do you think
there are things I'd rather not remember
Can you believe
I cannot recall that last december
When we kissed
And we realized our love could not last
Growing slow
It could not keep up the time went too fast

Life is like a velvet hammer knocking on my head

Yesterday I said goodbye
to all my old loves and some new ones
Hanging 'round my window whispering
there are things that can't be undone
Yesterday I threw away those treasures
that I kept for so long
Treasures only weigh you down
so I'm burning all the bridges of my memory

Looking back
I can almost laugh to think about you
But in fact
the laugh's on me since I'm without you
When we met
we were lifetimes younger and so innocent
When I left
neither one of us knew what the other meant

Life is like a velvet hammer knocking on my head
Don't you wish that one time
you could knock on life instead

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